Tuesday, October 20, 2009


These are my current characters. Love that you can get these from Aion Card's website. It auto generates cool signatures for your character.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


So I'm still working on those reports, still hoping to get it in ahead of the deadline. Taking a break for a moment to gather my thoughts.

Haven't had any time with Aion the past few days because I've been thinking about these projects.

I've been looking up Criss Angel videos and his channel is full of really spectacular stunts and illusions. There are some videos under his channel that are criminally under-rated and under-viewed. The steamroller clip I put up pales in comparison to some of the things he does in his later videos. He's taken to heart a lot of what the skeptics say, and he makes his new tricks just about bullet proof. Going into a desert and doing a vanishing trick, throwing a bandana off a 22 story building and catching it before it hits the ground, and so on. The two tricks that really impressed me: packing a snowball, making it levitate and putting his hands above and below it to show there are no strings, and then taking his hands away and having it hover for a while, and then he pushes it across a field and over to his girlfriend. The other trick is he takes someone's dollar bill and writes the serial number down on the guy, has him put his initials on it etc, and then put it into a vending machine. The guy says he wants water, Criss puts his hand against the slot that accepts bills, then onto the glass near where the water bottle is, takes his hand away and the same bill is now floating inside the bottle of water. The guy takes the bottle out and fishes out the bill and it's his for sure. I have no way to explain that, and the tricks just blow my mind. But the videos only have at most 3,000 views and have been online for months. So for your viewing pleasure I'm pimping them out here. Enjoy:

Go to 7:52 on this video to see the snowball trick. Crazy!

Check out his youtube page for other videos.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Before Bed

Past few days have been fairly stress free, although I'm descending into a week of hard work that I'm desperately trying to resist. My whole body is weary but I'm fighting sleep a little longer because the next few days are going to be nothing but work. After the work comes revision and studying for mid-term exams. One course I've barely looked at, but luckily has no exams or assignments until December.

I had originally intended this blog to offer a fairly analytic perspective on various academic subjects, mostly brought on by my research for school, however, I've begun to turn it into more of a personal space for my thoughts and activities. I apologize, although I am aware that I have no followers, and no indication as to whether or not anyone is reading this on a regular basis. For the moment I'll continue to post my thoughts and comment on topics of interest as its fairly therapeutic to do so.

I have switched from my spiritmaster to a gladiator in Aion, because I wanted to see what the other classes had to offer, and I was also intrigued by the image attached to the previous post. It depicted a samurai warrior woman out for revenge, and I thought I would make a character like that. It so happened that, while I was playing a priest character who was an alt of my cloud look-a-like, the server went down and I had the option to start again on a different realm. Because your first character is always going to make some obvious mistakes after you get used to the system, my latest character has been much more refined and detailed, and more attuned to the world she inhabits. I created Chou, a female character who is a gladiator, who has a good amount of money and hasn't made the mistake of wasting Kinah learning too many crafting professions at once. She's spent time crafting armour and weapons to outfit herself better, and I've been keeping her on a steady pace to level up regularly. When I was creating Lucard, I picked the 'lean' body type, which I later found translated to "lanky" ingame. Tall and awkward with freakishly large hands. You can notice it in some of the screenshots. The new character design for Chou was much more accurate to a human being.

I've also got some pictures for your enjoyment.

After getting my Divine Points to maximum, Chou started to glow with a powerful aura. Each tier of Divine Points opens up spectacular moves that consume them, so I like to think of it as a Limit Break move, similar to Final Fantasy VII. At the third tier the aura is very bright and does not fade until you use your limit break move, so I kept it a few hours and enjoyed the feeling of being a little more special than other players. But since no one seemed to comment on it, I asked a passer-by if I was glowing and they said no, so I suppose it is just a cosmetic way of letting you know you have an ability ready, but doesn't appear to anybody else, unfortunately.

Sleep is overtaking me so I will go, I also have a lot of housework to do after the thanksgiving dinner I cooked - plates and pans all over the place.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dream led me to Delon

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By Melanie Delon.

I had a dream a week or two ago where someone in the dream I met happened to be named Melanie Delon. I have never met anyone with that name, and out of curiousity I searched google and found her website. She's a wonderful artist and has done work for videogames as well. Very cool. Check out her site and see what you think.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nice day

I just finished writing a science fiction essay, and the past week has been really good in preparing me for it. I've been introduced to some interesting blogs through the massively website, and all the science fiction books I've had to read for my class have been great as well. I didn't find that I had any anxiety when writing, and in part I attribute that to the writing I've been doing on this blog in the meantime. I also expected that I would jump onto Aion several times by now, but I actually pulled through and spent the day working, so go me!

Also, having some extra money lying around from student loans, I went onto Itunes and grabbed several albums.

Glory Hope Mountain - The Acorn

Beacons - Ohbijou

The Pink Ghosts - The Acorn

Funeral - Arcade Fire

All happen to be Canadian bands, which is great. I think I've just found my own little niche of music, which is great because mostly I'm faced with the question, "favourite band?" and I have no idea. So far The Acorn is winning.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More pictures from playing today.

First, I arrive at Sanctum, the main capital city for the elves.

It's quite amazing.

When I was running around, you would occasionally see these transparent fish flying in the air on wind currents, and several times while playing I would see dragons just flying around the sky just out of view. Very cool. I also noticed dinosaurs hanging around!

Determined to find more, I ventured out of the City to a nearby province.

After spending the day looking for dinosaurs, I crafted some food for the first time.

Satisfied for a while, I went back to town to sell some potions and show off my wings at the starter area.

After finishing up some quests, I was heralded as a hero by all the NPCs! Not a bad way to end the day. :)

My character ascended today, and here are some pictures I managed to snag during the ceremony. I also have a pic of my new fire pet as well. :)