Saturday, October 17, 2009


So I'm still working on those reports, still hoping to get it in ahead of the deadline. Taking a break for a moment to gather my thoughts.

Haven't had any time with Aion the past few days because I've been thinking about these projects.

I've been looking up Criss Angel videos and his channel is full of really spectacular stunts and illusions. There are some videos under his channel that are criminally under-rated and under-viewed. The steamroller clip I put up pales in comparison to some of the things he does in his later videos. He's taken to heart a lot of what the skeptics say, and he makes his new tricks just about bullet proof. Going into a desert and doing a vanishing trick, throwing a bandana off a 22 story building and catching it before it hits the ground, and so on. The two tricks that really impressed me: packing a snowball, making it levitate and putting his hands above and below it to show there are no strings, and then taking his hands away and having it hover for a while, and then he pushes it across a field and over to his girlfriend. The other trick is he takes someone's dollar bill and writes the serial number down on the guy, has him put his initials on it etc, and then put it into a vending machine. The guy says he wants water, Criss puts his hand against the slot that accepts bills, then onto the glass near where the water bottle is, takes his hand away and the same bill is now floating inside the bottle of water. The guy takes the bottle out and fishes out the bill and it's his for sure. I have no way to explain that, and the tricks just blow my mind. But the videos only have at most 3,000 views and have been online for months. So for your viewing pleasure I'm pimping them out here. Enjoy:

Go to 7:52 on this video to see the snowball trick. Crazy!

Check out his youtube page for other videos.

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