Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nice day

I just finished writing a science fiction essay, and the past week has been really good in preparing me for it. I've been introduced to some interesting blogs through the massively website, and all the science fiction books I've had to read for my class have been great as well. I didn't find that I had any anxiety when writing, and in part I attribute that to the writing I've been doing on this blog in the meantime. I also expected that I would jump onto Aion several times by now, but I actually pulled through and spent the day working, so go me!

Also, having some extra money lying around from student loans, I went onto Itunes and grabbed several albums.

Glory Hope Mountain - The Acorn

Beacons - Ohbijou

The Pink Ghosts - The Acorn

Funeral - Arcade Fire

All happen to be Canadian bands, which is great. I think I've just found my own little niche of music, which is great because mostly I'm faced with the question, "favourite band?" and I have no idea. So far The Acorn is winning.

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